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Where Can Loops Be Used?

There are two basic environments in which induction loops are used: transient and extended time. In both environments, the telecoil capability in the hearing aid is used to listen inductively, which eliminates background noise and greatly increases speech intelligibility for the hearing aid user.

In transient use locations it is impractical to issue and retrieve a receiver / headset and these are often among the worst areas for problems related to speech intelligibility and background noise. The use of an individual’s hearing aid is a major step to bringing people with hearing loss back into full contact with their environment. Utilizing a telecoil, the hearing aid user always has their “receiver” with them. Only audio frequency induction loop systems provide this capability.

Typical areas of Transient Use include:

  • Drive-thru and pick-up windows such as those founds at restaurants, pharmacies and banks 
  • Point of sale locations such as ticket counters and check outs 
  • Reception desks and information kiosks 
  • Public areas in airports, railway stations, subways, shopping malls etc. 
  • Elevators, lifts 
  • Cars, buses, coaches, trams, trains, airplanes, cruise ships 
  • Museum exhibits 

Typical areas of Extended Time Use include:

  • Theatre and Performing Arts facilities 
  • High School and College Auditoriums 
  • Church Sanctuaries and Worship Centers 
  • Board rooms and meeting rooms 
  • Banquet Facilities 
  • Court rooms and Government chambers 
  • Sports facilities – Gymnasiums, Natatorium, Stadiums 

In extended time use locations there often exists sufficient degradation of signal to seriously effect speech intelligibility. By using an audio frequency induction loop system, no additional equipment, i.e. receivers / headsets, is required if a hearing aid is telecoil equipped. By simply switching to the “T” setting on the hearing aid, the audio signal is received. This eliminates the need for a facility to pass out, retrieve and maintain equipment, as well as eliminating hygienic concerns.

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