Hearing Technologies...Are People Hearing What you are Saying?

Installation Services

Hearing Technologies offers professional service beginning with a full site survey to help determine how the Hearing Loop can best address your specific needs. Every loop installation is designed specifically for your venue. No two are alike. 

Hearing Technologies is IEC 60118-4 Trained and Certified By Contacta, Inc and Listen Technologies

Our engineering staff includes 2 RCDD's which will design and inspect all systems and work with your sound engineers throughout the process.

       The installation we offer is a nationwide service.  
HEARING TECHNOLOGIES has over 20 years experience in the installation of low voltage systems and wiring.  

*The Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification is globally recognized within the telecommunications industry, as a designation of the exceptional qualifications and expertise of the individual, in the design, integration and implementation of telecommunications systems and their related infrastructure components. The RCDD designation is becoming ever more recognized...and required...by many private and state organizations.

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