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Most people with hearing loss have a simple way to cope with the challenges of TV listening: they turn up the volume. 

This, however, has two problems: 1) the sound they find most comfortable tends to be irritatingly loud to their spouses and family members, and 2) louder sound needn't, after traveling the distance from the TV to one's ears after reverberating around the room, be clear sound.

Hearing Loop systems enable people with hearing loss to hear clearer TV sound--and, to their family members' relief, with their own individually adjusted volume. 

Home Loop Systems can be purchased with a Loop Wire which will create a loop in the room, or a Loop Pad which can be placed under the chair of the listener.

Hearing Technologies is your source for purchasing the Home Loop and Amplifier , which includes easy to follow installation instructions. Our technicians can walk you through the simple process. 

Complete system available for less than $270.00.

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