Hearing Technologies...Are People Hearing What you are Saying?

A personal frequency modulation (FM) system uses radio waves to send speech and other signals to hearing aids. FM is the same type of signal as your FM radio, only it’s tuned to a frequency band designated for personal use. There are two basic components of a personal FM system: a transmitter microphone and a receiver. The receiver may be integrated into a pair of hearing aids or a set of headphones.


Hearing aids are the best all-around solution for individuals with hearing loss, but other assistive listening devices (ALDs) can help people with hearing loss navigate specific communication demands. A frequency-modulated (FM) system is an ALD that makes it easier for people with hearing loss to hear what others are saying in noisy environments, like a theater, school, church, museum or other public place. This wireless system, also called a personal FM system, uses radio waves to deliver speech signals directly from the speaker's mouth to the listener's ears. 


  • Stadiums or other large seating areas
  • ​Houses of Worship
  • Auditoriums
  • Schools and universities
  • Portable systems Outdoor applications